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The Brand

Did you know women have on average 13 negative body thoughts daily, thats nearly one for every waking hour....

My name is Elaine Wynne and I am the CEO of No More Excuses and my aim is to rectify that statistic through my brand.

NME is a brand built around the struggle of the everyday woman, we want style, function and above all comfort. With the NME legging and sportsbra you are left with a seamless silhouette, no back fat no muffin top and no fupas, just a streamlined figure. We are a size inclusive brand and run from a size 6 to 28. Our simple but effective logo makes the transition from active wear to casual wear effortless so whether you’re going to the gym, socialising with friends or on the school run, you have No More Excuses for not being your best self while wearing active wear.

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