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I would like to finish off by telling you a little about myself, I'm 37 and a hairdresser by trade and I'm 17 years running my own busy salon. I came up with the concept of NME when in lockdown I started the couch to 5k, the only leggings I could get to fit me were mens xxl and I looked like a sack of potatoes in them, lumps and bumps galore so I would wear my pully-in underwear with them, not exactly comfortable but it was functional, and through this painfully uncomfortable journey NME was born.

I set up focus groups with 50 of my customers ranging from all shapes sizes and ages, turns out we all wanted the same thing….hide the bumps, instil confidence and above all POCKETS!!!!!! I’m 2.5years working on samples trying to create the perfect legging and I truly believe I have, so much so I sold my car to fund this business.

I envisage No More Excuses will be a household name for body confidence, because at the end of the day, we have to stop being our own worst NME.


Thank you for your time and hopefully your custom

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